About Me

Hi, I’m Bill.

I’m a web developer. Currently I work for the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science at the Chesapeake Bay Program. I’m probably more of a front-end developer if I’ve got to choose, but since I’ve always worked on very small teams–or independently–I haven’t typically had the luxury of focusing on one or the other. It’s probably more useful for me to say that I love clean, semantic markup, dream in JavaScript, and get really excited about things like RESTful APIs.

I’m also a writer. I’ve had a few short horror stories published and have many more in varying stages of completion. Other people might be better at saying who my influences are. I can say that I’m an avid reader. As you might imagine, horror figures highly amongst my favorite genres, and within that genre I really enjoy Thomas Ligotti, John Langan, and Robert Aickman, along with many others.

I make a lot of stuff. I brew beer, for instance, and bake my own bread as often as I can. I do a lot of home improvement (not as much as my wife would like, mind you) and enjoy working in the yard.

I’m a Libertarian (and a libertarian) with anarcho-capitalist tendencies. This puts me in a fairly small political minority, especially in Maryland. I just don’t believe that anyone should be able to tell other people what to do so long as nobody’s hurting anyone else. I think people should be able to keep the stuff the make, earn, or find (if it doesn’t belong to someone else). I think that, left to their own devices, people are pretty good at working together and finding compromises they can live with.

I’ve lived in Annapolis most of my life, and bought a house in Eastport with my wife several years ago where we live with two dogs and two cats. I liked it a lot more when there were more locals, fewer yuppies, and the place was a little more blue-collar.

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